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Jewellery trends for 2023

Not only I am thinking very seriously about Christmas, I am also thinking about jewellery for the upcoming year. I have been doing some research on jewellery trends for 2023.

Silver is definitely making a huge splash in the jewellery market, and remains fairly affordable. There seems to be a resurgence in rose gold and there also seems to be a lot of mixing of metals - so wearing silver and gold together will be considered acceptable.

Hoops remain an absolute wardrobe staple and must for anyone wearing earrings. From the small delicate sleepers to the massive hoops a bird could perch on hoops are here to stay.

Geometric earrings seem to figure highly in the jewellery world. Again from small and discreet earrings to larger statement earrings. From circles and squares to diamonds and hexagons expect to see lots of geometry in ears, around necks and on wrists.

Jewellery based on nature is very much a part of what inspires what I make. From my studs with stamps of butterflies or dragonflies to leaf imprint pendants there is beauty all around us and makes for gorgeous jewellery to wear.

Its not just hoops that should be an integral part of an jewellery collection but pearls should also be there too. Another timeless classic they have changed a lot from the plain white round ones that older relatives used to wear. They come in different colours and shapes and make for stunning jewellery from earrings to necklaces and bracelets as well. Expect to see some pearls and of course they are the birthstone for June so will make gorgeous gifts for the June birthdays.

Personalised jewellery also looks to be big for the coming year. This is something I already intend to provide. From initial charms to fingerprint jewellery there is something so very special about having a piece of jewellery that is personalised just for you. Watch this space for my Christmas special on initial charm jewellery coming very soon.

Finally, my reading has also suggested that chokers are going to be big next year. I love chokers and this is something I may explore next year. I used to make gorgeous chokers from micro-macrame with an interchangeable bail that different pendants could be hung from so you could swap you daytime necklace for a bit of night-time bling. Perhaps I shall revisit this design.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my take on the next years trends for jewellery - lets see what happens and as usual watch this space to see what I make.

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