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Cute little dragonfly stud earrings. Made from a silicone mould, the silver clay is put into the mould, allowed to dry and then removed. The back and edges have been sanded off and then fired in my kiln to leave me with 99.9% fine silver. 

I have soldered a sterling silver earring post to the back of the earring and then tumbled it to harden the silver and polish it up. The earring is fastened with a sterling silver scroll back.

Dragonfly earrings

  • How to care for your jewellery: 

    Silver tarnishes over time if left unworn and in the open air. This tarnish is easy to remove with a silver cloth. It is recommended that you don't wear your jewellery in the swimming pool or the shower and if it getswet please dry it as soon as possible.

    I don't recommend that you wear your jewellery to bed. When you are not wearing the your jewellery I recommend that you store them in a small plastic ziplock bag to reduce the air they are exposed to. This will slow down the speed that the silver tarnishes.

    If your jewellery has glass components the glass has been properly annealed in a kiln to ensure no stress fractures but glass is delicate and any drops could cause cracks. Please inspect the jewellery carefully before wearing to ensure that it is not damaged. Damaged jewellery should be disposed of safely. 

    I cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from normal wear and tear or breaks caused by being dropped. I package them carefully to ensure they arrive safely with you but if there is any damage on receipt of the jewellery please take a photo of the packaging and the jewellery and get back to me on

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