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I am so pleased to bring you my gorgeous range of simple but brilliant pebble earrings.


These are made from the left over silver from other projects. Each one is slightly different to the other so the pairs do not match exactly but I weigh the silver to get them as close as possible.  Once I have weighed the silver I place them on my charcoal block and super heat them to melting point with my torch. They ball up nicely and I then leave them to cool a little before quenching and popping into the pickle. After a few minutes in the pickle I rinse them off and then polish a bit before soldering on the earring posts. They are then tumbled to bring them up to a high shine and work harden them. I do have a video on this and will try to pop it on the website somewhere for you to see how these are made


These are absolutely my day earrings at work. 


The large pebble is approx 6.5mm across, the medium pebble is approx 5mm and the small pebble is approx 4mm.  These are made to order and I will get the earrings as close to the sizes above but there will be small variations within each pair.


The earring posts are sterling silver as is the scroll fastening.

Pebble earrings

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