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Colour Friday

What the heck is #ColourFriday? Why should you be bothered about it? Is this just the latest fad?

#ColourFriday was started by Holly Tucker MBE in 2021 to support small businesses. Holly is the founder of Not On The High Street and more recently Holly and Co. The aim of Colour Friday is to encourage the nation to celebrate the creative flair that comes from independent stores and small businesses.

Holly writes that "It’s shocking that as a nation we’re still spending…

  • £12.3 billion on Black Friday with businesses like Amazon

  • Despite the fact that 80% of it ends up in landfill

  • And nearly 60% of UK small businesses fear closure in the coming year

Thats shocking ..... 80% ends up in landfill 😱

This is where you, the discerning customer, comes in.

You can help by supporting #colourfriday by shopping with a small business and boycotting Black Friday. If you buy just one Christmas gift with an independent this year we could reallocate £2.7 billion keeping it in our local community rather than lining the pockets of the large corporations.

I definitely agree with this. The past few years i have been very underwhelmed by the supposed offers and promotions we are showered with. I made a stand last year and stated that I will not be doing Black Friday offers for many reasons. I want to offer you quality handmade jewellery every day of the year at the best possible price I can give you. Unlike the large companies I cannot afford to give lots of discounts. My profit margins are quite fine I want to give you the best deal I can every time not just a few times a year when I may pop a discount in the store.

Offering discounts is not a way to build up a loyal engaged customer base. I want you to buy from me and to come back to me again and again. I want you to think Hare and Moon Jewellery when you want a pair of earrings or a necklace and to come to me and chat about what you want and what I can make for you. I dont just want you to swing by once a year when I might offer a discount.

I will leave you tonight with this little ditty. Please support your local businesses and artists community. Boycott Black Friday this Christmas. I am adding stock to my shop frequently at the moment so keep popping by to see whats on offer.

#colourfriday is 24th November 2024

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