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How on earth did it get to be nearly November

Where on earth is the year going? It is truly flying past so quickly. Only 8 Mondays to go until Christmas.

Christmas jewellery making is virtually done. I will still be making stuff (I can't help myself lol) but it is more about promoting what I already have for you guys to look at and hopefully buy 😘

I have been having an absolute ball recently making rings, they are like my new found love. I love the idea of stacking rings and making statements for your fingers with gorgeous affordable jewellery.

This set was a made to order set for a customer. She had previously purchased my made to order bee earrings and asked for me to make her a matching necklace and ring. I love this little bee on a piece of honeycomb and it goes with the wishbone ring so very well.

I have also made this adjustable ring. It is a 1.5mm sterling silver band with fine silver flowers on the ends. It is made for approx ring size S (UK) but is adjustable for fingers a little larger or smaller than that. I think this may be a firm favourite. It has attracted a fair few comments on my Facebook page. I will be adding it to my shop on Monday 31st October as well as a few other things so be sure to pop by and take a look.

I am also learning how to set stones in jewellery. The rings below are mine because they absolutely are not good enough to sell yet but they will soon be available for you to buy with a selection of stones. Hopefully though you get the idea of stacking rings. I love them ☺️😍

Between now and Christmas I will be blogging regularly to showcase pieces of jewellery that you might like to buy and keep you updated with special offers so be sure to check in; go onto my website and join my newsletter list (I promise I will not be sending you tons of emails etc). Follow me on Instagram @hareandmoonjewellery or Facebook @hareanmoonjewellery.

Your support for me as a small business is so important, I get that things are difficult right now but one small like, share or review of something you have bought from me mean so much to me and I am so grateful to you all for popping by, stepping into my little world for a while and for the love and support you all give me. Thank you ❤️

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