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How to choose the right necklace length or is there a right necklace length that I should wear?

Is there a certain length necklace that you should wear with certain outfits? Are you confused by what length necklace you should wear? Well I am here to tell you what goes with what and some hints to help guide you.

The good news is that actually there are some guidelines but quite frankly rules were made to be broken weren't they?

The picture to the left gives you a guide to what the lengths look like but you must remember the actual place that the necklace rests will depend on your build and the final look of the necklace will depend on your style, build, colouring etc.

The standard length is the 18" necklace. This is the most common length and works in most situations. It is perfect for day to night wear. A pendant hung at this length sits perfectly for a low cut top or over the top of a crew neck or boat neck. It also sits in a lovely V shape and helps frame the face. If you have a larger frame then you may need a 22" length to achieve this.

How can you measure up for a necklace?

The simplest way is to measure and existing necklace but if you don't have one then get a piece of string or ribbon cut to the desired length and stand in front of a mirror to see where it sits. It may be useful to get someone to help you with this as having your arm(s) lifted will change the way the necklace hangs. Try different lengths with different outfits.

Choker length - works very well with off the shoulder outfits and crew or boat necklines

Standard length (16-20") - sits around the collarbone area. This works well for most women and most outfits. Looks great with V neck or sweetheart necklines.

Matinee (22-26") - falls between the collarbone and bust. Looks good with a wide range of outfits including work or leisure wear. This length works especially well over collared shirts or high necklines.

Opera (28-34") - this fall in line with the bust or below. This length works really well with high necklines including turtle necks. This is an elegant choice for evening wear.

Rope (any necklace longer than Opera) - The length of this depends on how it is worn. Generally, they are meant to be wrapped around your neck more than once. It can also be used to form a lariat by folding it in half and looping the ends through the loop.

What about layering necklaces? Absolutely. Go for it. Don't over do it though. Maximum of 3 necklaces is ideal.

More than 3 necklaces can cause issues with tangling but is not a definite no no.

Sometimes not wearing a necklace is also the way to go. A plunge neckline or a high halter neck can mean that a necklace wont work with the outfit and in this case you would go for statement earrings and cocktail rings.

Thanks to for the above information. Play with your jewellery, have fun, make statements and above all love what you wear.

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