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Pricing my jewellery

OK so this is a tough conversation to have. I tussle with pricing all the time. There are so many factors to consider. So how the heck do I come to my price? I thought I would share this with you a bit so you can understand what goes into each and every one of my pieces of jewellery.

  1. Each piece of jewellery is unique.

All of my jewellery is individually made by me in my home studio and by the nature of them not being machine made they all have a unique. You may have bought a pair of earrings that I have made 3 copies of but as each one is handmade there will be differences between each pair so your earrings or your necklace etc are one of a kind. Embrace their quirkiness. Thats what makes them beautiful

2. I am ecofriendly.

Or at least I am trying to be. All of my silver is ecofriendly made from recycled silver. Silver metal clay is ecofriendly. My packaging is recyclable and when I receive packages at home I will reuse this when posting your orders so you may receive orders in previously used envelopes. Any waste silver from making jewellery is kept and I can melt it down to make other things in the future so I am trying to be as environmentally friendly as I can and do my bit to protect the planet

3. The service I give

When you order from me I am so grateful for you supporting my small business and it encourages me to do that little bit more for you. I pop a personal note in your ordering thank you, I enclose a silver jewellery cleaning cloth so you can look after your special piece. Those little things are what set me apart from the bigger chain businesses. I want to treat you well so that you come back to me again and again to buy your jewellery

4. My dream is to create.

It may have started as a hobby but I love to create. I want to make things and I get a real kick out of seeing you wearing the things I make. I want to keep doing that. There is so much that goes on behind the piece though. From the idea in my head, to jotting it down on paper, to making it and tweaking that design. The product you buy is the end result of a long journey. You are supporting me to continue that journey and to keep making things that resonate with you and you want to wear.

5. It shows some extra thought.

You may have found me via a friend or via an internet search but buying a gift for someone from me just shows that little extra thought. You have taken the time to look around for something different, something unique. That goes a long way, for me and for the person you buy that gift for.

I don't sell jewellery, I sell passion, love and something beautiful for you to wear.

Thank you for buying from me, thank you for sharing me with your friends. Thank you for supporting a small business

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