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Welcome to Hare and Moon Jewellery

Hi. Welcome along. Honestly, I wasn't going to do a blog originally - its not really what people do anymore, we use TikTok or Vlogging or Instagram etc But sometimes a blog is useful.

Who am I? My name is Sam and I live in Margate, Kent. UK and I make silver jewellery. 😂😂 sounds like a confession. This isn't a new passion. I first started making jewellery around 2007. Then I made glass beads in my home studio with oxygen and propane and a big flame. Somewhere around 2009 / 2010 I burned out spectacularly in my day job and I quit. Stupidly I thought I could make my beads and jewellery my "day job" and earn enough money from it to keep me and my family afloat. It didn't work. I lost my mojo, hubby got made redundant in his job and I had to go back to work. I lost my heart for jewellery making and sold everything.

Fast forward to 2020 and COVID. Brrrr..... that word!! I am a respiratory nurse by trade so was front line for the first wave and hobbies in my spare time were essential for my mental health. I dabbled in resin and soap making but around summer 2021 I wandered back towards jewellery and rediscovered my love for it.

I make silver jewellery using silver wire, sheet and my favourite - silver metal clay.

Silver metal clay is like alchemy. You start with a modelling clay, shape it etc and once dried and fired you are left with 99.9% fine silver. It is eco friendly as the silver used is reclaimed from industry. It is amazing stuff to work with and I am only just at the beginning of my journey. I have had some teaching by Joy Funnell in Hastings back in 2010 and I have done evening classes in silver smithing.

I started Hare and Moon Jewellery selling my stuff through my own website as I had some issues with Etsy and whilst it is still my dream to be able to make this my main job I am better prepared this time and currently have a 3 year plan in place. Right now I am building my brand, my customer base and my skills and I am chuffed to invite you guys along with me for the journey. This is gonna be fun ❤️❤️

More on silver clay can be found here:

I am on Instagram @hareandmoonjewellery

I am on Facebook @hareandmoonjewellery

I am on TikTok @samhalliwell0

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