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Whoo hoo February is here

I'm not gonna lie but I hate January so much. Post Christmas blues, dark mornings, dark evenings, cold, wet and just miserable. But February is here. The snowdrops are flowering and my daffodils are growing but not flowering yet. My garden is a terrible mess with weeds everywhere but the spring bulbs can be seen poking their heads up above the ground.

Spring means flowers and I have the most beautiful flower stud range that has become an immediate best seller.

I have these in small, medium and large and 3 different flower styles but for some reason I haven't photographed one of them 😂

I think that these will make beautiful Mother's Day gifts or a slightly different Valentines gift.

While I am thinking about Valentines that is only 2 weeks away and I have a gorgeous range of love heart pebbles in necklace, stud earrings and rings.

I love this love heart pebble range. They are made from melted down left over silver which is hammered a little to make it flatter on the front and then a heart stamp hammered onto it. The silver is polished to a shine but it is not perfect and I think this perfectly reflects each of us. We are not all perfect but we have a heart that we may have given to someone that we love dearly. They are classically simple and can be worn day to day but also have a special meaning between the person giving and the person receiving it. Please let me know what you think?

All of these items will be available to buy this Saturday 4th February. I am doing my first market of the year at Faversham Market. Come along if you live in east Kent. It is a beautiful market and in a lovely town as well. Come along and get your beautiful unique Valentines or Mothers Day gift, or a little something for yourself. Or simply to say hi. I would love to meet you xxx

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