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Christmas gift ideas - 1

I think that Christmas present buying has started in earnest now but if you are struggling for ideas for Christmas presents then let me give you some ideas. Over the next few weeks I want to share some different items of jewellery that I make and sell ands give you a bit of background into the design and making of them.

I would like to introduce you to my stacking ring collection. Stacking rings is often seen when women stack their wedding, engagement and eternity rings but in more recent years it has become fashionable for people to wear multiple rings on their fingers of various different designs. Stacking rings are more dainty that traditional rings to allow you to wear more than one or 2 together. Other than that there are no rules as to how many you can wear and how you choose to wear them.

Currently I offer 4 different styles: plain band, textured band, multisided band and a wishbone shape band. I have a selection of sizes ready to go but if the size you want is not available I can make it for you. I am also working on making some rings with other accents on them such as small hearts or circles or 3mm gemstones.

In the picture to the right you will see (from left to right) textured band, wishbone, plain, adjustable flower ring and the multi-sided band. The adjustable flower ring is also available on my website.

Don't wear a little lonely band on its own - pair it up with a different design and play with different numbers on different fingers. Use your imagination and have fun.

I would love to see photos of you wearing my rings so please feel free to show me - pop them onto Facebook or Instagram and tag me @hareandmoonjewellery

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