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Matching your jewellery to your outfit

I am often asked what jewellery should be worn with what outfit? I used to be very guilty for wearing the same earrings all the time and the same necklace but your jewellery is as important as your clothes and can make or break an outfit.

There are some basic rules that you can use to help you make your jewellery choices for outfits for every occasion.

There are 5 basic rules to follow (to be honest there are probably more but these 5 work very well 😘):

1) Loud outfit = quiet jewellery - don't be tempted to wear big beads with loud statement outfits. The clothes are making the statement and it can get confusing if you wear jewellery that is just as shouty. Loud isn't bad at all but you do need to consider your jewellery. Keep your jewellery simple and delicate to avoid a cluttered and overwhelming look. It may be that you only need a simple pair of studs.

2) Consider the colour wheel - this is such a fabulous tool to help you make good colour choices. Choose colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Are you wearing a blue top? Then an orange necklace may help finish the outfit off.

Alternatively choose analogous colours. This means choosing colours that are next to each other on the wheel. You could have that blue top again and have a gorgeous green gemstone necklace to complete the look. Play with colour and see what works.

3) Where do you want to draw attention? Are you wearing a beautiful pair of open toe sandals? Then perhaps use an anklet to draw attention to your feet. Got beautiful polished nails - wear some statement rings to draw attention to your hands. Use the jewellery to help you showcase something you want to show off.

4) Diamonds never fail - Diamonds are so versatile, but we don't all have the ability to own a diamond to show off. There are some beautiful substitutes though. Cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative and Swarovski zirconia is considered to be a more superior zirconia. It doesn't have to be diamond to look stunning.

5) Match the occasion - Jewellery can affect the total look so the occasion needs to be considered to make the outfit work. You would not be wearing your biggest, blingiest (is that even a word😂) rings and necklaces to work in a hospital - so what should you wear.

Jewellery for work - no matter what your job is you are going to want to avoid wearing to much statement jewellery to work. A small simple pair of studs will help finish off any work outfit. Something like these gorgeous butterfly earrings would work a treat.

Avoid bracelets if you are using a keyboard for a lot of the day - all that clacking will annoy you and your work colleagues.

A simple pendant necklace also helps to finish a work outfit - something like this leaf pendant works a treat. If a pendant necklace is a no go then what about a simple choker.

The key to work jewellery is keep it simple and keep it small.

Jewellery for a night out - Go all out. Wear that big necklace, wear all of those rings BUT keep in mind all of the above. Are you wearing a plain shirt? - then consider something like this necklace on the left to add some interest to your outfit.

If you have a high neckline or turtle neck on then you could consider layering your necklaces and even mixing metals - silver with rose gold perhaps?

Date Night - this is not the night to go out all garish and wear huge statement pieces unless you are renowned for these on a daily basis. You need to wear jewellery that says something about you. These hoop earrings are bold enough but subtle enough to make the perfect statement for your date.

There are other things to consider with your jewellery choices. As I have already mentioned you could layer your necklaces but these aren't the only items you can layer - what about stacking rings or bracelets.

Know when to stop: don't go over board you cold ruin that effect you were going for.

Don't forget earrings - even if you have long hair that you are wearing down and you can't see your ears well - pop a pair of studs in, you never know when someone might get a glimpse.

Finally - rules were meant to be broken !! Experiment and have fun.

Come along and take a look in my shop for those beautiful pieces of jewellery for what ever outfit you are wearing. If there is something you want to chat with me about to make then pop me a message and we can see what I can do.

If you enjoy this blog post tell your friends - spread the word about Hare and Moon Jewellery. if you don't like the blog post please tell me

Thank you for reading ❤️

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