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More Christmas planning

I'm not very well today - had to take the day off my day job. I finally felt well enough to get up around 1:30pm but I do feel rubbish. Paracetamol, drink and a bit of food later and I feel marginally better. Better enough to ooch around the internet and check my social media. What do I see - posts on planning for Christmas. I do need to do this. My summer sales have been, quite frankly, awful and I am trying not to get to despondent about it. The kids are off so there isn't as much money around and people are off on their holidays. It makes sense for me to plan for, hopefully, the best time of the year.

I have not done a full on Christmas campaign before but there is so much advise and ideas on the internet to help you plan and I have some lovely ideas.

I am mindful of the fact that people are going to be counting the pounds and pennies this year due to worries about fuel and food bills and by planning things sooner for people I can hopefully help spread the cost of buying Christmas presents.

There is Black Friday and Cyber Monday to think of and other ideas such as a Christmas countdown - things like special offers, money off, etc.

I also will be doing my fingerprint jewellery and personalised jewellery with initials etc. I will open my order books shortly.

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