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Oh my gosh!!! How did it get to mid December so fast...

Good grief its 13th December. 12 days till Christmas. How did that happen?

I am sorry I have neglected my website a bit over the past month as I have been so busy with Christmas Markets and setting up my jewellery in a local gallery and getting Christmas orders done. I have now finished (I think) for Christmas. The Royal Mail strikes have made it pretty much impossible to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas but I have added a Special Delivery option in my online shop so if there is something you want to buy I maybe able to get it to you. Royal Mail are saying that last date for Special Delivery is 21st December but I would be cautious. I am not taking any more commission orders for Christmas.

My Christmas markets went well and I am pleased I did them after my previous poor experiences at past fairs. I really enjoyed meeting people and chatting with them about my jewellery. I learned loads about things that you would like to see and I started to get a feel for things that are popular. My stacking rings are really popular and are a range that I will continue too develop next year.

The interest in my silver metal clay work was really lovely to see as well. I am thinking about doing some beginners workshops in the New Year. This is a work in progress in my head so watch this space.

I also need to work on my email marketing. I have thought a lot about some issues that came up around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a difficult area for small businesses to manage. We cannot offer massive discounts like some of the large brands can for so many reasons and this led me to thinking about my Christmas sales that did start off slowly. I realised that there was a possibility that people weren't buying as they were waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to see if I had any special offers as they didn't want to risk buying at full price if I was going to do a special offer a week later. This made me think about sales and such like and I have made the decision that I am not generally going to be having sales on my website. What I really want to do is get people to sign up to my newsletter and then I will use this to offer my previous customers occasional discounts etc. In this way I get to thank you for your valued custom and you get special offers not available to the general population. If you have bought something from me you are automatically enrolled onto my mailing list. Please be reassured that I won't be sending you millions of emails. I plan on 1 - 2 emails per month showing you sneak peeks or work in progress or a new season launch and there may be occasional % off discount codes for you to redeem in my store.

I have so many ideas for the year head and I am so excited to be able to share these with you and I welcome you along for the journey. I love to hear from you and love for you to share pictures of the jewellery you buy from me on platforms such as Instagram (my Instagram is @hareandmoonjewellery).

In case I don't get my act together and do another blog before Christmas I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2023.


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