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Sshhh!!! First post about Christmas

As a jewellery maker I need to be a season in front so I am already thinking about Halloween and Christmas. I will be doing a range of cute Halloween earrings and if you have been keeping an eye on my shop you would have seen a sneak peek of one of my designs.

In case you haven't then you can see them to the right of this post. I will also have pumpkin earrings and maybe some others. Watch this space.

Christmas is more of a thing. Not gonna lie my sales haven't been quite what I had hoped and that is sad for me as I need to sell stuff so I can buy more clay and silver and keep making things but I hope that Christmas will be a good time for sales. I do have some ideas for gifts. I will be making some Christmas theme earrings for novelty wear. I will also have a range of jewellery with initials on it for that personalised touch. This will be both earrings and necklaces and matching sets if you wanted.

I also hope to be able to offer my fingerprint range to people that live near me. This is only available to local people as I need to be able to physically get the fingerprint from the person. This is such a personal gift for someone to be given and I am keen to be able to offer this again.

There is a lot in my head that I would like to do for Christmas and as always watch this space and please consider supporting small businesses for your Christmas gifts this year

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